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Ka'ohu Kreations

About Leilani

 Artist specializing in freehand tattoo art, hand-drawn & creative design.

Her focus & style of intuitive tattoos that flow in harmony with the body.

Each piece is custom to your spiritual, healing and transformational needs.

Inspiration: nature, elements, contemporary modern/tribal/ancestral/celestial art, spiritual connection to divine essence/life force, adornment, ornamental for empowerment, protection & embody your best self.

Leilani will work with you on design, placement and incorporating the right energies to your piece.

Leilani is a self taught artist. Heavily influenced by cultural arts & heritage, artists & craftsman growing up. Her tattooing journey started around 2005.

Ola Loa Studio opened in 2019, a private tattoo/art Studio in Hilo, Hawai’i focusing on custom spiritual based art, a wahine friendly space that provides ho’okipa (hospitality).

The studio now shares space with two resident artists.

Ka'ohu amongst nature and banana leaves
Ka'ohu tattooing
Ka'ohu Goddess art with phases of moon

Please check back for updates as she shares her mixed media blog, services and art available for purchase!

"Kaʻohu as a person is such a sweet soul, and as a tattoo artist is so patient and easy to talk with. She always takes the time to work out design and placement with me, never rushing the process. My tattoos have healed well - no raised lines or scarring. I never hesitate to name drop her and her studio when people stop me to compliment my tattoos."


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