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Special notes from Leilani on Tattoo Bookings/Consultations:

Must be 18 years old +

Are you open to intuitive freehand art, tribal/Polynesian fusion, creative design, symbolic tattoo or my available drawings?

The more open minded, trusting, open to flow, creativity and placement on the body, the more I will be interested to work with you.

No lettering, logo designs or copied art please.

Please review the Tattoo Gallery and Bookings Policies before booking a consultation to make sure Leilani is the best artist for you. Mahalo.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


  • How do I book with you?
    Step 1: Make sure you look over my Tattoo Gallery to and Bookings Policies to make sure I am the right artist for you. Step 2: Fill out Bookings Form. Step 3: Once approved, I will request consult in person or zoom call and also required deposit of $175+ if it’s something I can take on. Pay deposit In person, Paypal or Venmo. Be sure to read the no-show and cancellation policies re: your deposit. Step 4: Show up to your appointment and enjoy the process!
  • What is your process?
    My process is highly creative and intuitive - a type of channeling into tattoo, one of the most embodying types of art. Through our consultation I start to feel out what youʻre looking for and begin the creative process of intuiting your piece. I continue this process up until and during our appointment - free handing your design (with your changes/suggestions), and then I ink the design.
  • Are your inks vegan?
    Yes, my tattoo inks are vegan.
  • What about aftercare?
    Aftercare will be explained after tattoo. Tattoo will be cleaned and properly bandaged. No swimming, sun and no vigorous workouts while in healing 1-3 weeks. Organic products will be recommended.
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