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Staying creative

Updated: Jun 14

Lately creating my own designs have been the most fulfilling. Being consistent is key for me to stay most creative in letting out my inner visions. My birthday was a few days ago and I added a new updated goal for my self to draw or paint (working on unfinished pieces) at least 1-3 hours per day minimum. I feel most connected and in the flow state of my art with this method. It can be whatever time of day but putting in the time is most important, usually in the evening.

Right now my favorite medium is paint pens on brown paper and it feels fun for me now. I start with a light sketch to be able to finalize with paint pens and sometimes acrylics.

Most of my works lately are connected to spirituality and evoke a feeling, emotion or state of mind, more than a literal image or scene. Its a form of meditation for me and creates open space in my mind. It is calming, soothing and nurturing. I would much rather stay in, drawing with my favorite music or podcasts, than going out these days. This consistency is also a way to respect my goals, stay accountable and create challenges in my every day life.

Being an artist is one aspect of who I am though it is how I chose to live my life, everything as art or an art form.

I am an early bird and start my day with tea and quiet time, it is something I look forward to everyday where I write, visualize and create new ideas. A daily practice.

When I stay on track I feel more connected to this life, enjoy the moment and base my life on creative energy no matter what’s going on around me, and protects me from any low vibrational energy or people that try to get me off track, I’m stronger knowing I have a strong purpose, consistent goals and keeps me healthy.

Here is a small sneak peak of a large piece I’m working on. I’m excited to share the final piece!

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