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Ka'ohu Kreations

Ka'ohu Kreations

Leilani creates a range of works as she bridges higher frequencies & energy into the Earth realm.

Leilani / Ka'ohu looking up into trees
Ka'ohu design of goddess in taro leaves

Intuitive Freehand Tattoo Design

Custom Art Pieces and Murals

Mixed Media Blog

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Tattoo Examples

Leilaniʻs Process

Once youʻve had your consultation, Leilani will combine your ideas with specific placement, and intuitively design your custom piece. On your appointment day, she will freehand your tattoo design and finalize changes. When done, youʻll have your one of a kind tattoo!

Intuitive Design

Freehand Tattoo


Latest Blog

Join Leilani in the Realm of Muku

A mixed media blog with writings, photos, and videos.

"Leilani has such an intuitive sense of art and creative work that she shares. Her professionalism stands out amongst. Her tattooing skill are so gentle, precise and delicate...
Leilani is a great tatoo artist, I highly recommend her."


Image by Pandav Tank

Let's Stay Connected

I hope to update my blog fairly often, so please keep checking back! Sign up here for other announcements and offers.

Mahalo. I will keep you in the loop!

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