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Dream work shapes- the artists inner world

Updated: Mar 30

Thank you for being here. I managed to make another blog post!

Sometimes it gets hard to be creative, other times it pours out and i cannot stop it. I used to overthink my work or try to convey a message so deep that i would get over whelmed with insecure thoughts of it not coming out in the best way. I am mostly past those feelings now, so I am in a state of flow again to create and sort of awakened past the worrying stage. Now onto creative channeling so the work can be done! There's so many things to do.

This mandala is in progress.

The symbol brings together mind, body and soul through the creative imagination and ideas. its a feeling, infinite amount of knowledge and opportunities are before us, we have to grab hold of it and expand. A simple mandala or circle shape can make a lot of feelings arise within. it is in unity and includes all. Includes all! That is a hard one, but i understand how massive that is. A circle represents the never ending cycles and and phases to complete a process, yet it will lead back around to a new beginning again, it never really ends, dies or disappears, but transforms and it is where miracles are born! These are just my thoughts, while writing it is just a way of poetry or journal.

 Maybe I will focus on my personal life/background sometimes, but i would much rather share my writings and projects currently working on, focusing on art and tattooing. I have a long way to go in understanding shapes and forms and translating it into someones skin. Its a crazy act I get to be a part of, but I also have to reinforce the significance of shapes on the body, how it moves and transforms you and others around you. It includes all in unity.

I love line work and simply drawing with paper n pen. But soon enough I will be sharing new artworks and paintings. I am ready to dedicate more time to that, so will do my best to take care of myself so that I will be strong and healthy to tattoo while working on these paintings I need to create at this stage in my life. Part of the reason for opening up a studio, was for show casing art and paintings, a personal gallery, but also my own tattoo space.

Ok ill be back again im sure of it.

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