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Full force | Dark matter

The eclipse has shown me the true nature of my passions. Loud and clear I felt new energies arise and old energies die away. Major learning lessons and accepting more of my human self.

These past several years have been so full of changes in my life. I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to, share more blogs, new mixed media and new art!

Thank you for your support and patience.

I prefer to work slow & steady, in divine’s essence, than any other way.

As I move away from social apps, I have been fully immersed in myself & creativity like never before. Instagram and other apps have helped my tattoo journey for over 10 years through marketing, attracting new clients and staying in the social media on the internet. Yet I feel so disconnected and has lost its meaning for me using as an artist.

My livelihood relies on tattooing and surviving in Hawaii is not easy but I’m really looking forward to new projects ahead and the influence my home has on me. This lunar time is expanding my mind deeper and further into the deep darkness.

The vast limitless pure spiritual power of dark matter.

Dark matter, in my world (my head) meaning intuitive manifesting. Creating from the edges of the universe. Essence straight from divine source. I channel new energies into my everyday life. Through the darkness I harness new realities into the flesh. Pō gives me the energy I need. Affirmations take me to serenity. The essence of the artist returns.

Embodiment in movement, in markings. This body radiates the light from within the darkness.

I will be eternally myself. I will be eternally grateful. I live in her beautiful symbolism and create.

I’m more gentle with my human self and artist on this plane.

Full force I take on this life!

Welcome to my world of thoughts and poetry (creative writing).

Welcome to the realm of Muku.

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