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Aloha mai

I'm Ka'ohu and welcome to my blog. Ill plan to update at least once a week or so.

I am a tattoo artist & painter, owner of a private tattoo/art studio in Hilo, Hawaii.

My Great Aunty Lokelani passed this year.

Her spirit has inspired me to start this blog, as she used to be a 'blogger' strictly dedicated to her art process and thoughts as a painter, i always looked forward to reading whenever she wrote. Years ago we would write letters, becoming friends and pen-pals, also sharing stories about art, heritage and painting. I was so blessed to have this connection with her.

I have been using Instagram for several years now to share in my community and a global audience, it has helped me grow my client base, connect, and growth as an artist, yet here my site is a platform I feel comfortable to express more, here the pace is much slower and calmer, the passion behind what I do can be shown.

 My intentions here are to share my work, personal artistic thoughts, a little about me and my tattoo journey and personal ideas pertaining to tattoo creations on skin.

 Ill open the doors into my art studio space, a high vibrational environment, where truth is revealed, creativity flows and where diversity is welcomed. Where I strive to bring a new unique tattoo experience.

My writings are also an expression from source and part of my spiritual practice. I wake up early and almost daily i write in a journal. It is apart of creating poetry, spiritual connection, manifesting joy, I am free to be and I can connect with infinite intelligence. Feelings are the language of the soul and my art is a small expression of this energy.

Being a tattoo artist plays a huge role in my lifestyle and who i am, but it is not all that I am.

Sending Thanks to everyone who supports my work and gets tattoos by me. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without many people I get to connect with, become friends with and share intimate stories with.

There is a higher plan and purpose for what I do, I will continue to be kind to myself so that I will be strong as an artist that I need to be, to serve others and create.

Welcome to a glimpse into my world as a hapa Hawaiian artist in Hawaii.

As I channel feelings, stories and memories into wearable art, as I create healing and joy deep within, as I practice kindness and compassion in an ever growing business of tattooing, this blog will be a new outlet for my spiritual practice and making mistakes a long the way.

All for now. Ola

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